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April 1st, 2014 was a very special day. Not only was it our 20 week anatomy appointment, but it was also my 30th birthday. We planned ahead and scheduled it this way on purpose so that we could merge the celebration of the two milestones. The day went like this…

At 9:30am we went to the doctor for our 20 week sonogram. Our baby had grown so much! With big grins on our faces we just stared in silence at our little miracle. We decided to do things a little differently- instead of finding out the gender right then and there, we had the sonogram tech write the gender on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and seal it. During this time we turned our heads.

After leaving the doctor’s appointment I dropped Kevin off at home because I was getting my hair done (for my birthday!) and on the way, I dropped the envelope off at the bakery to get a cake made for us to cut open later to reveal pink or blue. Oh the anticipation!

I wanted my family to be there to share the moment, but since they live 3 hours away in Dallas and it was a weekday (Tuesday) I knew they wouldn’t be able to make it, so the plan was to video chat them later in the day to share the exciting news.

After my hair appointment, I rushed to the bakery to pick up the cake. I got home, walked in the door and noticed Kevin had cleaned and vacuumed and even lit a candle… what a sweet guy- he cleaned just for my birthday! Or so I thought…

I put the cake on the dining room table, grabbed a knife and plate and said, “okay, let’s do this!”. Kevin didn’t seem to be in a rush like I was and said, “Well, let me take the dog out first to go to the bathroom”. Umm, okay….?! So I took a few photos of the cake while I was waiting. He came back inside and I was like let’s get this show on the road! Then, literally, right before I was about to cut into the cake there was a knock at the door. “Oh, I wonder who that could be?” Kevin said kind of sarcastically. I knew then he was up to something. I was expecting a flower delivery or something. He opened the door and in walked my mom, sister Kinsey and nieces Riley & Harlow. I wanted to cry! I was SO surprised and excited that they drove all the way in from Dallas to be there for this special moment. My other sister Kacey wanted to come, but couldn’t make it because she had school. I was so thankful to have them there! Little did I know, Kevin and my family had been planning this for weeks in advance. They sure fooled me!

Time to open this cake!! They all sang happy birthday to me, then I cut a slice….

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!

Obviously, we would have been happy and excited either way because this is our first baby. It was such a memorable moment. I then opened my birthday gifts, ate some cake and joked with my sister that we were going to start a girl band with all the girls in our family and start touring around the country. GIRL POWER!

Kevin and I celebrate 6 years of marriage (8 years together) this year. At around year two, we started discussing the idea of having a baby. We decided that after our big trip to Spain we would start trying. Little did we know it would take a lot longer than we thought!

We tried natural for about 2 years with no luck. At the time, we were living in Dallas and I had an awesome doctor, so I made an appointment with her and we started on Chlomid to increase our chances… but no luck. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Austin and I started seeing the doctors at the Texas Fertility Institute- we had lots of testing done to ensure we were both healthy and functioning correctly, all results reassured us there was nothing wrong and we were as healthy as can be. So why were we not getting pregnant? We did several more treatments of Chlomid and IUI’s (artificial inseminations)… still nothing. As the months went by and it had now been 2.5 years of trying with no results I started to wonder if I would ever be a mom. On many occasions I would wake up in the middle of the night full of anxiety and covered in fear thinking to myself “I will never have a baby of my own”. It was a terrible feeling. We prayed and prayed and watched as everyone around us got pregnant and announced their exciting news. I’ll be honest, it was hard to be excited for them as selfish as that sounds.

One day, while I was praying, the Lord changed my perspective. I realized that the power wasn’t in my hands and if I was never able to conceive, life would still go on. God would still call me to great things regardless of my motherhood status because that doesn’t define me. He blessed me with an amazing husband who was nothing but positive and encouraging through it all. We decided that it was okay if we never had kids- we would just travel the world, enjoy our careers and spoil our nieces and nephews like crazy!

At our next appointment with the fertility doctor she told me she wanted me to have a laparoscopy surgery to check for endometriosis. The day of the surgery I was SO nervous (I had never had surgery before!). I was literally shaking as they wheeled me back. After surgery, the doctor came back to give Kevin a debriefing of what they found. She basically said, “We found a little bit of endometriosis, but not much. I’m just not sure that’s the cause but we went ahead and got her all cleaned out.” When I was coherent he shared this information with me and I was so upset. I wanted a definite answer of “why?” and instead felt like I was on a rabbit chase.

At the follow up appointment my doctor encouraged us to take November and December off to recover from surgery and enjoy the holidays. In January we would start a more aggressive treatment of daily injections. Kevin and I decided we would try one round of the injections and if nothing happened we would take some time off from trying and just enjoy life. One can easily be consumed by this journey.

A few weeks after my surgery I was getting ready to go to the pharmacy to pick up our prescriptions for the January treatment (I had to hurry to meet the HSA end of year deadline) and I realized I only had one pregnancy test left. I thought to myself, “hmm, I’m just gonna use this last one and buy more while I’m at the pharmacy”, not thinking anything of it. Two minutes later, I looked…. IT WAS POSITIVE. What?? I immediately called Kevin to tell him, but before we got excited I contacted the doctor because I figured there was no way this was right. After all, I JUST had surgery. Plus, I didn’t want the disappointment of a false positive like we had experienced once before. I went the same day to get blood work done to confirm and sure enough, I WAS PREGNANT!!!!! Literally 5 days after my surgery was when we conceived and now here we were finding out just a few weeks later. I was freaking out, to say the least. After 3 years of trying and pursuing fertility treatments we ended up conceiving NATURALLY. I guess that surgery was just what I needed!

The doctor confirmed I was 4 weeks along. Soon after we headed to Dallas and Joplin to see our family for Christmas. I wrapped a pregnancy test in a box and put a bow on it to give my mom as a gift. I was SO anxious for her to open it. We gathered in a circle to exchange gifts. “Mom, you go first!” I said with excitement and anticipation. She opened it and was confused at first, “What is this?”. Once she realized, her eyes filled with tears and she started crying. My sister Kinsey shouted out, “What? You are?!!!” and both of my sisters got up to hug Kevin and I in congratulations. It was truly one of the greatest moments of my life. I loved sharing this exciting news with my family.

Once we got to Joplin, we did the same thing with Kevin’s parents and shared the news with them. They were just as thrilled and there were tears of happiness.

After the holidays, we got back home to Austin and “graduated” from our fertility doctor and were sent to a regular OBGYN. Since we had just moved to Austin earlier that year I didn’t have an OBGYN yet, so my fertility doctor recommended someone to us based on our location. Kevin and I went for our first visit and it was absolutely a terrible experience. I left in tears. We were SO rushed, it felt like a cattle call. I had brought a list of questions to ask the doctor because this is obviously my first pregnancy. But instead of giving us time to discuss these questions, the doctor rushed us out. We literally saw her for 2 minutes. I was furious, left in tears and decided I would not be going back. I wanted more for my first pregnancy. I wanted a doctor who was warm, welcoming and patient- someone who truly cared. You would think that wouldn’t be too much to ask for, right? I think a lot of women just deal with this type of treatment because they either don’t feel like putting the time into finding the right doctor, or they simply aren’t aware that there can be a better option out there! Thankfully, I knew there was a better way after having such a great, personable doctor in Dallas.

I started searching online and reading reviews. I actually searched for doctors who supported natural birth because I think they tend to be more patient and open to discuss options. I found a place with great reviews- OBGYN North. I had my first appointment and it was so much better- literally a “night and day” difference from the last place. I felt comfortable and at ease, they gave me plenty of time to ask my questions, I didn’t feel rushed at all. I’m more than happy I decided to switch doctors.

Here are our sonograms up through twenty weeks….

8 Weeks

10 Weeks

11 Weeks

20 Weeks

Up Next – the big gender reveal!!

  • Whit - June 27, 2014 - 2:27 pm

    Knowing all of this info is one thing. But reading it is a totally different experience. By paragraph two I was thinking …uh oh CRY! Thank you for sharing this. Love you both so much.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Simon - June 28, 2014 - 4:59 pm

    Absolutely beautiful and moving! I’m in tears. Thank you for sharing your story! How precious that we can share our pregnancies together at the same time! I’m so thankful for your friendship! Xo SarahReplyCancel

I’ve always had a curiosity and interest for calligraphy and hand lettering, wishing it was a skill that came naturally to me.  Secretly hoping that my penmanship was something to be admired. But, no. It’s absolutely not. In my search for classes and workshops to better my skill I was thrilled to find that the Blue Eye, Brown Eye Workshop was being hosted in Austin, so I signed right up! In beginners class no. 1, we became familiar with our tools, how to hold the pen and learned the basics of writing lowercase letters. I instantly fell in love and soon signed up for class no. 2, where we were introduced to colored gouache and learned the basics of writing uppercase letters, numbers and addressing envelopes. I definitely have a ton more to learn, but I am really enjoying it!

{class no. 2}

November 2013 – Austin, TX

The second I heard Third Eye Blind was coming to Dallas I jumped on the computer to purchase my tickets and to my surprise I noticed there was an option for VIP tickets to MEET THEM. This was a life list item, so clearly it was a no brainer. My long time friend Misty joined me, and really there was no better person to accompany me other than her because she’s one of the only people I know who loves them just as much as I do. It was such a fun night!

Looks like I’ve got some updating to do on this blog. The last several months have brought lots of change. I’d say the biggest slice of change has been our move to Austin 6 weeks ago! As much as I love Dallas, I’ve wanted to move back to Austin ever since I had a taste of life here several years ago. I always hoped I would be back and it finally worked out due to Kevin’s job, so here we are!  I love the energy of this city and look forward to all the memories we will make here.

M o r e   i n f o