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Life List Item #51 is Complete – Calligraphy Class

I’ve always had a curiosity and interest for calligraphy and hand lettering, wishing it was a skill that came naturally to me.  Secretly hoping that my penmanship was something to be admired. But, no. It’s absolutely not. In my search for classes and workshops to better my skill I was thrilled to find that the Blue Eye, Brown Eye Workshop was being hosted in Austin, so I signed right up! In beginners class no. 1, we became familiar with our tools, how to hold the pen and learned the basics of writing lowercase letters. I instantly fell in love and soon signed up for class no. 2, where we were introduced to colored gouache and learned the basics of writing uppercase letters, numbers and addressing envelopes. I definitely have a ton more to learn, but I am really enjoying it!

{class no. 2}

November 2013 – Austin, TX

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